Professional children's entertainment with magic, games, disco, clown and much, much more!

"Jay encourages all the children to dance and participate with competitions and dance routines for them to follow" Clare Davies - Year 6 teacher

School Discos A Speciality!

Infant and Junior School Discos are a speciality of Jay's. Her experience, enthusiasm, and techniques when controlling large groups of children have been praised by parents and teachers alike.

Jay's hands-on approach means no sitting back and expecting the children to dance to every tune. Rather she is actively involved throughout, teaching them her own unique dance routines and encouraging them further with competitions and other fun items.

Even before the dancing starts, Jay will have sown the seeds for a successful event. Little things such as setting the equipment up in a way which avoids the children crowding round or bumping into things and liaising with the helpers to explain how she runs the event and making suggestions to avoid any potential problems.


Bell Farm School Disco with Jay - February 2016

Once the children begin to arrive Jay will quickly get their attention, explaining the "rules" for the evening as well as the location of the request pad, an original idea of Jay's where the children are encouraged to write down their requests rather than trying to shout over the music.

If your Infant or Junior school is looking for a disco with all the equipment, lights and music you would expect but which is designed from start to finish with school children in mind then look no further. Jay's School Disco show is just what you need.

If you require any further information or wish to book Jay, please visit the Contact page or call Jay on 01753 867039 - Email:


Happy to travel: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire etc.